HoldenStART Project 2012

It was time to paint the town again!

As part of the 2012 North Adams Downtown Celebration, Art About Town once again created an enormous (2000 sq. ft.) temporary painting on Holden Street, just off Main.

Adults and children ages 10 and up, brought shoes and clothing that needed a little more color. Art About Town brought the brushes and expert guidance. Cascade School Supply provided the (non-toxic, environmentally friendly) paint. The painting began at 5 pm, Wednesday, August 15.

The HoldenStart Project took off in a big way in 2010, with the help, guidance and enthusiasm of Boston-based street-painting icon Sidewalk Sam. Due to health concerns, Sidewalk joined us in spirit only in 2012.

Holden StArt Time-Lapse, a public street mural, North Adams, Mass. from Steven Borns on Vimeo.