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Refurbishing Crosswalks, Thursday 7-31

It takes a Community to paint a crosswalk.

It takes a community to make it happen. Join Art About Town as we bring some color to Main Street during Down Street Art July 31st 4-9 PM. We will need people to help with various tasks. So please save the date and help make this a memorable night. Look for our tents and check in to see how you can help.


Corner Holden & Main to Radio Shack

Former Sleepys to Verizon Wireless

Prep Crews – 2 Crews 3:30 to 4:30 PM

Set up tents, paint stations, cleanup stations. Sweep and redraw shapes.

Hospitality – 2 Crews 4:30-?

We will need people to meet and greet people @ each tent, get people to paint, or help in some way, clean up answer questions, sign up for future notices….

Traffic monitors – 2 crews 4:30 to finish

We need people to make sure traffic is slowing down and flowing within the cones. Be vigilante with the safety of our crews. 2 for each crew

Painting – 2 Crews 4:30 to finish

Minimum 5 members per crew painting, paint suppliers

Cleanup Crews 4:30 to finish

Cleaning spills, brushes and containers

*All times are approximate. It could go faster with more people painting.

What Is Art About Town?

Art About Town is an artist- and citizen-based organization that builds community through public art projects.

We engage local and regional resources to create public artworks integrated with the architecture, infrastructure and landscape of North Adams, Massachusetts. Art About Town increases public awareness, participation, and appreciation of the unparalleled cultural energy and natural beauty of the city and the region.

We create public art that…

  • reflects the city’s heritage, diversity and character
  • connects artists, community members and businesses in t he creative process
  • cultivates and strengthens relationships
  • empowers individuals and organizations
  • revitalizes the landscape
  • promotes hope
  • enhances public experience
  • stimulates the senses
  • challenges preconceptions
  • celebrates human diversity
  • encourages conversation and interaction
  • inspires action