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Refurbishing Crosswalks, Thursday 7-31

It takes a Community to paint a crosswalk.

It takes a community to make it happen. Join Art About Town as we bring some color to Main Street during Down Street Art July 31st 4-9 PM. We will need people to help with various tasks. So please save the date and help make this a memorable night. Look for our tents and check in to see how you can help.


Corner Holden & Main to Radio Shack

Former Sleepys to Verizon Wireless

Prep Crews – 2 Crews 3:30 to 4:30 PM

Set up tents, paint stations, cleanup stations. Sweep and redraw shapes.

Hospitality – 2 Crews 4:30-?

We will need people to meet and greet people @ each tent, get people to paint, or help in some way, clean up answer questions, sign up for future notices….

Traffic monitors – 2 crews 4:30 to finish

We need people to make sure traffic is slowing down and flowing within the cones. Be vigilante with the safety of our crews. 2 for each crew

Painting – 2 Crews 4:30 to finish

Minimum 5 members per crew painting, paint suppliers

Cleanup Crews 4:30 to finish

Cleaning spills, brushes and containers

*All times are approximate. It could go faster with more people painting.